Snapped Along the River

Fall in the Adirondacks is one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces, an inspiration to artists of every type.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to live amidst the splendor wants to capture the beauty in some way. As one of the lucky residents, I have, for years,  taken photos of the spectacle.

Once I discovered that I could print my photos on fabric with very little difficulty, my photo-taking sprees had a purpose. I would create my own “masterpiece” honoring the place I call home.

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a tech savvy person.  By following the simple directions on a bottle of Jenkins’ Bubble Jet Set, I was able to produce my own fabric from my photos.   I then took those 8 1/2″ x 11″ fabric photos, fussy cut and collaged them into a Fall landscape based on my memory of the upper Hudson River as it flows through the Adirondacks in mid-October.

Photo collage quilt with birch bark frame

Photo collage quilt with birch bark frame

Photo collage quilt

Photo collage quilt










The gorgeous sky, brilliant foliage, granite boulders and the flora in the foreground were actually photographed around my home on Trout Lake in Bolton NY.

The river was made using a weaving technique with a combination of fabrics, one shiny, and an overlay of painted melted plastic which worked well to create the rapids.

The finished quilt cried out for an Adirondack Twig Frame.  Using thinly peeled birch bark that I had fused onto fabric, I fashioned the frame, adding fabric tubes as “twigs” which I attached with grey French knots to mimic the nail heads typically used on these frames.

Those of us who live on an Adirondack lake enjoy summers, but the glorious beauty of Fall is certainly something to look forward to.  My quilt “Snapped Along the River” hangs in my living room as a reminder of good things to come.

My Bucket List Moment


In 2005 someone suggested to me that I enter my latest quilt in VQF.  “VQF?”  “What’s VQF?”, I asked.  I did take her advice and entered my very first contest quilt in the Vermont Quilt Festival.

Every year since then, I’ve had a quilt in the contest.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have my name on (drum roll, please) **** THE INSERT SHEET of AWARD WINNERS**** three times since then, a thrill each and every time.  I’ve been awarded the Most Whimsical, the Best Use of Theme and the Best Machine Embellishment Awards.

Imagine my shock when, last August, I received a call asking if I would like to be an instructor at this year’s festival.  I was certain they had called a wrong number.  Me, an instructor at VQF?!?!  Yikes! Happily, it was the right number, and, after much hesitation, I agreed.  It was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life which left me pinching myself for months.  Me, teaching at VQF.  Unbelievable!

Not only did I survive my three days of teaching full-day classes, I actually had a wonderful time.  I guess my students did,too, because when I turned in my classroom key, I was asked by the powers that be if I would like to teach again in the future.  They want me back! This time, without hesitation, I said “Yes!”

Lesson learned…It’s never too late to achieve a dream, even if it seemed too unattainable to be on your bucket list.

Memories of Summers at the Lake

Having been housebound during the recent heat wave, I decided to venture outside to do some much-needed gardening.  I lasted a total of 2 minutes, having been driven back inside by an over abundance of mosquitoes….seemingly millions of them all waiting to attack.  Always looking for inspiration for a new post, this art quilt came to mind.


Buggy Photo Album

Buggy Photo Album

The piece was made for a Bug Challenge a couple of years ago.  Choosing some of my favorite summer family photos, I printed them on 8 1/2″ x 11″ white/bug  fabric that I had treated with Jenkins Bubble Jet Set.  Yes, the bugs were already printed on the fabric.  I was quite pleased with the results. The bugs actually appear to be in the foreground.


I decided to turn the photos into an old-fashioned photo album.  The white borders and the addition of the hand-made corner mounting pieces gave me the look I had imagined.  It consists of 4 pages of photos with the double-sided center page able to be turned like a book page.

Obviously, this piece is a family favorite as each member has experienced a summer of pesky mosquitoes, some years worse than others. One plus….. being “bugged” is a wonderful excuse to stay indoors and sew!

Allison and Matt

Allison and Matt 1994