DMC Scape

DMC ScapeAs a designer for the DMC Corporation, I receive a yearly request for two 12″ blocks with tropical fish as the theme.  The two blocks pictured are this year’s rendition of my version of undersea life.

The marketing director for DMC is an avid scuba diver who has, for inspiration, shared photos of what he sees when diving.  That’s as close as I’ve gotten to the ocean world.  Any diving I’ve done has been in my own Trout Lake where not a tropical fish can be founDMC Scaped.

I must admit that Google images, along with batik fabrics and a wide array of DMC threads, have been a tremendous help in providing the details needed to create a “realistic”  seascape.

Perhaps I should add deep sea diving to my bucket list.  I’ve learned it’s never too late for a new adventure.