The Missing Piece

detail Adirondack Splendor


Latest ARTAA challenge “Adirondack Flora and Fauna”….rapidly approaching due date……what to do…..what to do?  Brain, don’t fail me now.  I need an idea, fast!

My idea finally came after a visit to the local thrift shop.  Among the “treasures” was a nicely framed completed jig saw puzzle.  Tacky? Perhaps.  Inspiring? To me, yes. Having grown up pre-technology, our formal dining room table almost always, except when company was  expected, held the latest puzzle.  Evenings were spent, not in front of a TV, but finding those elusive pieces to complete the picture on the box.

I decided to create my own “picture on the box” in fabric.  Time to dig through the bin marked “Favorites”, those “special” pieces I was saving for someday.  Somewhere in that pile I knew I would find just the right fabric.   My eye caught sight of a remnant I have held onto for at least 10 years.  It had been auditioned many times, only to be put back in the bin.  Its time had finally come. It had Adirondack flora written all over it!

After figuring out exactly where I was going with the stitching, all the while remembering the jig saw puzzles of my youth, the memory of the one missing piece came back to me. Nothing was more maddening than searching for days for a particular piece, only to discover that is was, in fact, missing.

While it added to the degree of difficulty, having that one open spot in my lovely autumn landscape was worth the extra effort.  It’s the touch of whimsy that’s become my signature.  It also solved the dilemma of the “Fauna” part of the challenge .  You don’t see any fauna?  It must have been on the missing piece.

May I present…..Adirondack Splendor (1 piece missing). 24″ x 36″

Adirondack Splendor (1 piece missing)