Autumn on Trout Lake

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live on a lake bemoan the ending of summer.  Why does the season seem to fly by when there is still so much fun to be had?  Please….just one more swim, one more kayak ride, one more afternoon of fishing with the kids, one more day of lounging on the dock doing nothing more important than watching the ducks swim by. What we always seem to forget is that the best is yet to come.   TA! DAH!

Autumn on Trout Lake

Autumn on Trout Lake

It is on days like today that I wish I had the ability to paint. With colors that seem surreal,  autumn has arrived on Trout Lake.  I’m feeling very blessed, indeed.  To quote my buddy, T.K., “How can anybody see this and not believe in God?”

A Scrap Heap Discovery


OK, I’ll admit it. I’ve been in a rut. Absolutely nothing came to mind in the creative department over the past few months. I was desperately searching for a new idea, something to excite the artist in me. Little did I know that I would find it in the scrap heap of the new house going up next door. I wandered over to the building site hoping there may be some discarded bits of Tyvek that I could play with. No such luck. The builder was using a very different looking product to wrap the house. Darn!

I dejectedly brought a small piece home and decided to play with it anyway because, truthfully, I had nothing better to do. Since Fall is very much in the air around here, with foliage beginning to change colors, I decided to try my hand at making leaves. I took out my array of acrylic craft paints and began to dab bits of fall colors on the “canvas” before me. I gathered a few fallen leaves and placed them on the painted surface. I then roughly cut around them. Once that task was completed, I took the painted “leaves” to my ironing board, placed them between two layers of parchment paper and ironed them using a cotton setting. Voila! Instant gratification! They gloriously shriveled and curled and melted. Nancy’s leaves were a beautiful sight to behold! Not as good as God’s, but close. Well, that certainly was fun. The juices started flowing. What next?

Nancy's leaves

I have, for quite some time, been intrigued by life under the sea. As a designer for The DMC Corp., I have been asked through the years to create many fish related art quilts. This required my doing several Google searches looking for scenes from the ocean floor to inform and inspire me. Using my memory of those images, I began to paint and free-cut like a madwoman. From paint brush to iron I went, back and forth,  creating little bits of sea life, or my version of it anyway. Once I had acquired quite a pile of pieces, I began to assemble my seascape. Finally satisfied with the arrangement, I placed tulle over the entire scene and pressed once again. Much to my delight, my method worked! The melted pieces meshed with the tulle and I now had a scrap heap work of art!

Melted Seascape

Thanks to the powers that be,  I’m up and running again.