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Leaves made of house wrap

Leaves made of house wrap

Today’s cold wind has October’s  fallen leaves blowing in every direction. It seemed like the perfect day to put a few more finishing touches on my latest piece using the leaves I made last month of melted house wrap.

As a backdrop for my leaves, I chose a piece of black fabric that I had discharged with bleach.  It reminded me of the splotches of sunlight and color one sees when driving the forest-lined highways this time of year. I’m now rethinking that decision. To accent, I decided a copper-colored border on just two sides would do the trick. I’m also rethinking that decision.  I then quilted a wind-blown design with copper metallic thread before sewing the leaves down with a copper metallic satin stitch and iridescent seed beads. That decision seems to be OK for now.

I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with this piece, as it just doesn’t feel right yet. I’m fluctuating somewhere between  “Maybe”  and “Yuk”.  Time will tell if this one ends up in the UFO pile. Such is the life of an art quilter.  Right now, I see a new batch of leaves in my future.  Making them is the fun part of the creative process.