At Long Last!

As a child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I invariably answered “an artist” which usually elicited a smile, a pat on the head, a “dream on, dear.” response from the adults around me.

Well, folks, it may have taken 75 years, but I am now officially an artist.  On May 2, I was awarded the Miriam Kashiwa award at the Central Adirondack Art Show at View Arts Center in Old Forge, NY.  To say that I was both flabbergasted and moved to tears is an understatement. A quilted piece, a fiber piece won a prestigious award in an art show filled with incredible paintings, scenic photographs, sculptures… a rare occurrence, indeed.

Of course I attended the opening reception to bask in the glory of it all.  Days like this don’t come along very often.  I must admit to being giddy with delight as I looked around a gallery filled with Adirondack landscapes, stunning photographs, mostly Adirondack in nature and just one very sparkly blue and silver whirlpool thing.  To quote one woman who asked which piece was mine…”Oh, is it the blue triangle thing in the wooden frame?”   Yes, Madame, it is and I’m damned proud of it.

Miriam Kashiwa, for whom the award is named, is the founder of the show and selected my piece to be awarded the prize. When I spoke with her she said she chose it because of both the simplicity of the presentation and the complexity of the quilted center.  She said she was most impressed by the quality of my workmanship.  I would have hugged her but I was surrounded by a room-full of strangers. Besides,  I was attempting to play the part of the sophisticated artist.

May I present my ART

The Force, winner of the Miriam Kashiwa Award at the Central Adirondack Art Show

The Force, winner of the Miriam Kashiwa Award at the Central Adirondack Art Show