My Love Affair with Gustav

klimt 005At college, three of my five children majored in art in one form or another. Through them I came to know the work of Gustav Klimt. My love affair began in the mid 1980s when  I walked into my daughter’s dorm room and spotted the poster The Virgin. I was immediately enthralled!  Who had created this masterpiece of pattern and color?  I had to know more.  From the minute I laid eyes on his work, I knew I would one day attempt to capture Gustav Klimt’s art in fabric. I “borrowed” and have never returned my daughter’s copy of Gustav Klimt 25 Masterworks.  Many times through the years, I studied each and every page noticing new details with each viewing.  It was some 20 years after my introduction to him, that I finally attempted to create my version of his art.  His work “Fulfillment” was a favorite of mine so I chose that one to recreate.  My piece is entitled “Gustav, You’re My Kind of Guy.” I once was described by an artist friend as someone who had a “busy eye.” I think of myself as very detail oriented….just like Gustav, thus the title. My creating motto “Whatever works” came in handy during this project. Using techniques I had never attemped, I stenciled, painted, did needle turned applique, patchwork and embroidery to duplicate what I saw in his painting.  This is one of my all time favorite pieces. I like to think that Gustav would approve.

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