Depicting Frenetic

Since my C L I C K Series has proven to be popular with the viewing public, I knew another piece was in my future. Looking for inspiration, I went digging through two of my fabric bins, one marked “Glitz” and the other “Sparkle.” I had a vision. I would fill a large circle with my most busy fabrics…a collage of shapes, color, pattern, lots of sparkle. My challenge: to depict today’s world as seen through the eyes of this septuagenarian.

Coming from my “Richie Cunningham Happy Days” world, how could I portray the whirling, frenetic insanity thatCKICK III Now I Long for Yesterday CKICK III Now I Long for Yesterday 011 is life today? 24/7 flashes of news, some good, mostly bad…disaster of the day, the week, the month. Quickly forgotten. On to the next. Social media sharing way too much information. Everyone’s raw reality. Nothing sacred, everything exposed. Constantly changing technology moving too fast for anyone to keep up.

Cut shapes, more shapes, more color, more pattern, more sparkle, movement, more movement. Enough? Never enough. Hubby asks “Isn’t this piece way too busy?” YES! Got it!

Flip side…70’s scarf, saved for someday, spelling LOVE. Add PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. Fasteners on, now frame it. Unlike the world, the center is reversible. Oh, that life could be so simple. C.L.I.C.K III Now I Long for Yesterday.

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