Uptown Girl’s Twisted Log Cabin

As a teenager, my dream was to be a fashion designer.  Life took me in other directions. These days, creating fantasy fashions that I will NEVER wear, is a fulfilling way for me to fill idle hours.

My local quilt guild’s biennial quilt show is fast approaching.  As part of the show, there is a log cabin challenge.  I always take the “unusual” approach to this challenge.  No bed quilts for this art quilter!Uptown Girl complete 010

This year’s challenge entry began with one of my many unfinished projects, my attempt to create an abstract beaded “whatever”.  Having spent many hours sewing tiny seed beads onto canvas, I didn’t want the piece to end up in a drawer along with all my other UFOs.  I decided to complete the beading and use it as part of my log cabin entry.Uptown Girl complete 007

From silky fabrics that complimented the beading, I made eight twisted log cabin blocks that  eventually became a purse.  The beaded piece was used as the flap.

To add a touch of whimsy, I completed the ensemble with a “fascinator”.  Using a fabric-covered headband as my base, I attached three double-sided twisted log cabin blocks, added some tulle and beaded the sides of the headband.  A teenager’s dream come true!  Now, if only I had the guts to wear my fantasy fashion in public!Uptown Girl complete 006Uptown Girl complete 013

6 thoughts on “Uptown Girl’s Twisted Log Cabin

    • Oh, I see. The beaded headband appeared to be a bunch of tiny, glass, brown beads. I do see now that this is an illusion. But your beading is still lovely! Nice job.

  1. My mom, Janet is in your guild and she told me to google you – so glad I did! I love your work – a quilter taking it to the limits! She says you are teaching at VQF, will you have any quilts there? My mom loves your work, she points it out to me every time we go to VQF and we enjoy finding little surprises in the quilts. The pig one was my fave but I also like this one. You must wear the fasinator at the guild show 🙂 I do art quilts as well, more of the pictorial variety and enjoy it immensely.

    • Thanks so much, Carol. I’ve seen some of your work shown by your proud Mom. I wish you lived closer so you could be a part of our art quilt group, ARTAA. I’ll have two quilts in the VQF show, one in contest quilts and one in the teacher section, both in my stained glass technique. Teaching at VQF was a wonderful surprise. Never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would happen to me. I hope we can connect. I’d love to meet you.

  2. Thanks! Give me a couple years, when I retire I hope to move back to Gods country ( the Adirondacks) and would love to be part of a group of like minded “crazy art quilters”

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