Log Cabin with Sizzle

Working frantically to complete the seven pieces I’d registered for our guild’s upcoming quilt show, I saved the best for last.  Truth be told, I had no idea where I was going with this piece, so I procrastinated, hoping for inspiration.  I actually wrote the description for the registration form long before the work was begun.  Since I usually change my approach many times while making a piece, this was a lousy idea.  I had to make the quilt fit the description.  No easy task, and I had to make it using only log cabin blocks!

I had entitled the wall hanging Fire in the Cabin.  My job was to make that  vision come true.  Gathering all the fabrics I thought might work, I made far too many sample blocks trying to get the look just right.  Total failure.  In desperation, I finally decided to go with a variety of my most sparkly fabrics. If all else fails, go for the glitz! Of course, they were the ones that proved most difficult to work with.  I used a black velvet with gold metallic roses (Yuk), a copper knit from a thrift shop sweater, copper lame, a red knit with tinsel woven into it and an array of batiks.

I paper-pieced the entire center of the piece and used an ash-like grey/black fabric to construct the log cabin border. It seemed like such a good idea at the time…fire…ashes… This proved to be a very bad decision.  The blah border sucked the life out of the piece, so I covered it with a black tulle which had flecks of glitter.  Sparks!

Log Cabin Challenge piece 36" x 36"

Log Cabin Challenge piece 36″ x 36″

My first thought was….”Just get it done.  You don’t have to like it.”  However, as I worked, my excitement grew.  I WAS liking it.  It was very cool….or, should I say very hot?  Maybe not the fire I had envisioned, but it definitely has SIZZLE!  The copper metallic quilted flames in the border and the copper lame binding completed the piece.  I think it probably glows in the dark.  It definitely glows in the light.  I’m smiling broadly.  A fiber artist’s version of log cabin! Certainly not boring!




4 thoughts on “Log Cabin with Sizzle

  1. I need to see this in person, the photo just doesn’t do it justice. When I looked at the pic, I said to myself – oh, that’s pretty cool but reading the description I said oooohhh , yes! This really is not cool , but sizzling hot , hot , hot ;-))
    Nicely done !

    • I hope you and your Mom can make it to the WFQG show the first weekend in June. I’d love to meet you and talk art quilts. This one, and 6 others will be in the show. The traditional quilts are the meat and potatoes of the show, but the art quilts are the spice!

  2. I sure can see why you put it off, but I guess you work best under pressure (since it seems you are always under pressure). Once again, you’ve risen to your amazing standard! Can’t wait to see it “in the flesh.”

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