Memories of Summers at the Lake

Having been housebound during the recent heat wave, I decided to venture outside to do some much-needed gardening.  I lasted a total of 2 minutes, having been driven back inside by an over abundance of mosquitoes….seemingly millions of them all waiting to attack.  Always looking for inspiration for a new post, this art quilt came to mind.


Buggy Photo Album

Buggy Photo Album

The piece was made for a Bug Challenge a couple of years ago.  Choosing some of my favorite summer family photos, I printed them on 8 1/2″ x 11″ white/bug  fabric that I had treated with Jenkins Bubble Jet Set.  Yes, the bugs were already printed on the fabric.  I was quite pleased with the results. The bugs actually appear to be in the foreground.


I decided to turn the photos into an old-fashioned photo album.  The white borders and the addition of the hand-made corner mounting pieces gave me the look I had imagined.  It consists of 4 pages of photos with the double-sided center page able to be turned like a book page.

Obviously, this piece is a family favorite as each member has experienced a summer of pesky mosquitoes, some years worse than others. One plus….. being “bugged” is a wonderful excuse to stay indoors and sew!

Allison and Matt

Allison and Matt 1994

2 thoughts on “Memories of Summers at the Lake

  1. I just love seeing how your mind works 🙂

    How was you teaching experience at VQF? I enjoyed the show, especially seeing Jo Diggs work, being a landscaper myself I have admired you for years. And of course the amazing dear Jane quilts that would absolutely drive me insane to try to make one. Not my cup of tea but do admire those who do them. And the vendors! – ohhhh the vendors 🙂

    I have to say though I think I enjoyed the glens falls show more. VQF gets so crowded it really becomes almost to much. I guess they both have their attributes. (Did I mention the vendors ) lol!

    • I had a great time at VQF. It was a very busy and exhausting few days, but it proved to be so much less stressful than I had imagined it would be. Everyone was so helpful and enthusiastic. I’ve been asked back, which is a good sign that I was well received. Whew! I always attend VQF on Sunday, much less crowded. You can actually stroll from quilt to quilt, take photos and read artists’ statements without having to fight your way in. Jo Diggs has been a favorite of mine since the late 70s. Her landscapes are magnificent.

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