Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Monochrome with Color


As I was sewing this latest piece, Monochrome with Color, the words of every quilt judge I have ever been within earshot of, rang through my head.  “Straight lines must be straight.”

With ruler in hand every step of the way, I measured, pinned and sewed.  Knowing of the unpredictability of fabric to remain absolutely square and accurate, especially the slippery gray satin,  I paper-pieced the entire quilt using 1 inch graph paper as my foundation.  Time consuming?  Yes.  Accurate?  Yes.  Perfect? No, but neither is life.

The letters were attached by hand with clear  mono-filament thread to complete the piece which will be part of a challenge entitled “black/white/gray with a touch of color.”

One good side effect of all this sewing straight lines to absolute perfection is an end to my procrastination.  I finally called my eye doctor and had a long overdue eye examination.  New glasses are in order.

My next project will be something  loose and free and swirling with nary a straight line in sight.

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