Journey into the Brain of an Art Quilter

Hornet's NestI am fortunate to live on a beautiful small lake in the Adirondacks.  One of my favorite pastimes is kayaking.   There is nothing quite as soothing to a frenzied mind as the almost effortless cruising over the water in a kayak.  One gets a much more intimate connection with the lake and its surroundings while sitting at water level traveling at whatever speed one chooses.

A couple of weeks ago I went down to the lake for a little R & R.  It was a beautiful day with the lake as smooth as glass.  Perfect, except for the fact that my kayak was tied to a low lying maple tree which had suddenly “grown” a huge, watermelon sized hornet’s nest.  Masterfully constructed around the  branch which held my kayak’s tether, there was no way I could retrieve my vessel without suffering the wrath of an army of angry hornets.  No kayaking today.

Though dismayed and disappointed, as an artist I was intrigued by the construction of this exceptionally beautiful sphere.  Getting as close as I dared, my brain went into overdrive. The intricately “woven” surface was a wonder to behold!  What extraordinary raw materials for an art project!

Exactly WHEN would these wildly buzzing creatures abandon this dwelling?    As an “outside the box” art quilter, I can’t wait to turn this wondrous “thing” into an art quilt. How sturdy is it? Can it be sliced?  Can it be fused or sewn? The HOW and the WHAT IFs are keeping me awake nights.

Should I be successful in eventually retrieving this true work of art, I’ll share the results of my adventure in future posts. Does anyone have an extra Epi-pen they’d like to contribute to the cause?



One thought on “Journey into the Brain of an Art Quilter

  1. You are truly blessed living on a lake and having a kayak. I have just recently tried that and understand – soothes the soul! I will be interested to see what happens to the nest as I have no idea if the hornets abandon it or what happens. They are a beautiful thing though. A couple weeks ago I was walking my dogs along my favorite river path and saw a big one as well and was a Los struck by its beauty and complexity. Truly amazing how they make them. I took a photo with plans to maybe recreate in fabric, not being so bold to even think of actually using the nest itself. That’s why I like following your blog because you show me to think outside the box (or fabric if you will).
    Enjoy the fall! The best time of the year 🙂

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