Seeing the world through Leo’s eyes

We have been blessed with nine grandchildren, seven boys and two girls, each special in their own unique way.  Only 5 year old Leo has been given the label “special” as in  “special needs” by the official label makers so popular in today’s educational system.

Leo is a child with eyes that absolutely sparkle with delight over things that others see as mundane.  To this Nana, his love of life is a beautiful sight to behold. He has always been fascinated by gadgets and will spend long periods of time studying the workings of his latest fixation.  I remember so well the afternoon I spent watching him opening and closing an umbrella, countless times, each time observing so carefully how the push button worked and how the spokes slid up and down the shaft.  Each opening and closing was as exciting to him as the first time.

Maybe because I see some of me in him, the joy he finds in the oddest places, I’ve longed to better understand the workings of this little boy’s brain.  What do you see, Leo, when you look at this world of ours?

Leo is in kindergarten and, like most kid’s his age, art class in October means creating a pumpkin.  Leo gleefully presented his Mommy with his artwork.  Mommy’s first reaction was  “Leo, it’s a giraffe!”  Leo gave her a look of “What are you, blind?”  His reply,  “It’s a pumpkin!” May I present…..Leo’s magnificent pumpkin.

Leo's Pumpkin

Leo’s Pumpkin

Through the creation of this wondrous work of art, my insight into Leo’s world has improved tenfold. Yes, Leo, my darling grandchild, you are special, indeed.





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