It Came to Me in a Dream

Because of my unconventional approach to my fiber art, the question I’m most often asked is “How did you think of that?”  My answer varies depending upon which of my pieces is being discussed.  I often reply “Well, why wouldn’t I think of that?”

It wasn’t until I began lecturing to large groups of quilters that I began to realize that not all brains think alike.  What seems so logical to me may not seem logical to another.  I guess it’s the reason why quilting groups are so diverse.  The words ART QUILT often terrify the more traditional quilter, while some art quilters couldn’t follow a traditional pattern if their life depended upon it…nor would they want to.  It’s what makes the world go round.

The lower photos accompanying this post show an idea that actually came to me in a dream. I had created C L I C K II February’s Journal which is made up of 16 interchangeable circular pieces connected by plastic belt click closures.

Award winning art quilt which was published in Quilters' Newsletter Feb/Mar 2010

Award winning art quilt which was published in Quilters’ Newsletter Feb/Mar 2010

Since each of the circles is a mini-art quilt, I was looking for a way to display them as singular works.  One night, in a dream, the idea of a frame with closures attached, came to me.  The next morning, over breakfast, I described my vision to my very handy woodworker husband.  After much discussion,  and a little tweaking here and there, the frame was created.  Problem solved.  Each of the 16 pieces can now be clicked into the frame to be displayed on its own.





October on Trout Lake

October on Trout Lake

Each of the circles has a story all its own, but that’s fodder for another post.


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