LECTURE/TRUNK SHOW  Journey into the Brain of a Fiber Artist

 One hour (or more) display and talk about the HOW and WHY Nancy made each of her unique pieces.  The trunk show also includes a mini fashion show of clothing and accessories, another of Nancy’s creative passions.





If you are intimidated by the words “art quilt”, this is the class for you.  Unique techniques along with the use of unconventional materials will have you “thinking outside the box” and wanting to create.  Two dozen small art pieces, each using a different technique, will be explained.  Play time will ensue with materials supplied to create an 8 1/2″ x 11″ winter scene.

October on Trout Lake

October on Trout Lake

example of Winter scene

example of Winter scene


















Landscape Using Woven Fabric-2 Weaving Techniques

Full Day

Students will learn two different fused weaving techniques to add interest to the sky and water of the machine appliqued 11″ x 14″ landscape which will be made in the class.

Material/Kit Fee: $14.00
Students will receive all fabric needed to complete landscape and Pellon Wonder-Under 805 fusible web.


13″ x 16″ batting of your choice
13″ x 16″ backing
Teflon sheet or parchment paper
Thread in colors Green, Brown, Pale Blue (Mono-filament can be used for applique if you prefer)
Straight pins
Ironing Mat upon which the weaving will be assembled and pinned until fused.
Scissors (fabric)
Scissors (paper)

Sewing Machine

Rotary cutter and mat


weaving workshop VQF
Satin-Stitched Stained Glass Poppy

Full Day

Students will learn a new, more realistic, approach to stained glass quilting using machine satin stitch with grey thread to achieve the look of leaded glass.  A sewing machine with proper tension and  knowledge of sewing a satin stitch is required. We will make a practice piece using the supplied pre-printed fabric followed by the assembling of the final project in fabrics supplied by student. Batiks work best for the stained glass effect.

Material/Kit Fee: $10.00
Students will receive a freezer paper pattern, 8 1/2″ x 11″ pre-printed stained glass fabric and stabilizer.


Fabrics: Batik
Background 10″ x 12″
Leaf Green 6″x 6″
Stem Green 4″x 5″
Flower 6″x 8″
Flower Center 2″ sq.
Pellon Wonder-Under lightweight **
3 Large spools medium grey thread
Several bobbins ***
Open toe embroidery foot
Batting 10″ x 12 1/2″
Backing 10″ x 12 1/2″
Seam ripper

**Each of the batik fabric pieces should be backed with Wonder Under before coming to class. Please DO NOT remove the parchment paper from the fusible web after fusing.

*** To save class time, please fill 3 bobbins with grey thread before class.

Stained glass workshop poppy 009

Answers to the Question “How DID She Do That?”

Full Day

Nancy will spend the day displaying her most popular creations, sharing her secrets, answering questions about each and every piece and happily demonstrating the techniques she used to achieve the final results. You’ll learn how to make twisted wire “lace” to embellish your art quilt, how to work with real birch bark, two weaving techniques, working with shredded silk flowers to achieve an Autumn landscape, how to turn an envelope into a coral reef, how to make a tassel from a square of fabric, photo collage, origami, etc., etc. etc.

Nancy doesn’t take life too seriously, preferring always to see the humor in things. She promises a day of hands-on learning and laughter.

Scissors for cutting paper
Sense of adventure

click 11 VQF 002


The Log Cabin Block with a Flair

With a few simple tools, students will learn how to draft TWISTED log cabin blocks.  The class will cover the drafting of a twisted square, equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles, a hexagon, an octagon and a diamond…..all with a twist.

Half day class will cover just the drafting of all patterns and a lesson in how to piece the drafted  patterns.

Full day class will cover both the drafting of all patterns and the piecing of a twisted square log cabin block.

Many completed examples, from clothing to wall art, using various twisted blocks will be on display and explained in full.


Graph Paper  4 sqs. per inch  10  11″ x 17″ sheets (available at Staples  book of 50 sheets for $8.50)

Lead pencil with 0.5mm lead

Red pen or pencil



Colored Pencils (any type will do)

Simple compass


All of the above items

Sewing Machine and usual sewing supplies…..pins, scissors, thread

Open toe foot or whatever foot allows you to see a line while sewing

Rotary cutter and mat

Iron or pressing tool

Fabric in 4 colors (fat quarters of each color is sufficient to complete a block) small prints or solids work best.

Log Cabin Challenge piece 36" x 36"

Log Cabin Challenge piece 36″ x 36″


Log cabin challenge

Log cabin challenge


Uptown Girl complete 006Uptown Girl complete 007






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