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C L I C K #5 The Collection

CLICK #5 The Collection

CLICK #5 The Collection

After viewing an exhibit of the work of Pop artist Nicholas Krushenick, I felt so inspired I decided to make a small fiber art piece based on  what I had seen.  When I looked at his work I saw quilts!  Viewing his art piqued my curiosity about other modern artists.  Thus began much research, note taking, sketching and finally sewing like a woman possessed.  This activity resulted in my knowing  much more about the composition  of art, not to mention my greater knowledge of each of the artists I chose as the inspiration for my twelve finished works.

Upon completion of my art pieces the decision had to be made as to how best to display them.  Falling back on an old favorite, my plastic connectors, I finally chose to click them together making each of them movable into whatever configuration I found desirable.  I added a hanging sleeve and the piece C L I C K #5 The Collection , measuring 3 feet by 6 feet, is ready to be hung.

The artists who inspired my fiber creations are as follows:

Row 1 L to R: Stuart Davis, Roy Lichtenstein, Nicholas Krushenick

Row 2 L to R:  Bridget Riley, Frank Stella, Victor Vasarely

Row 3 L to R:  Frank Lloyd Wright, Wassily Kandinsky,Gustav Klimt

Row 4 L to R:  Man Ray, Ellsworth Kelly, Rex Ray

I know without doubt that this piece will continue to grow with each new artist I’m exposed to.  What’s great about the piece is that, should I so choose, it can be “out with the old.  In with the new”, an ever-evolving piece.  I think I may be on to something.


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