Wash Day in Tokyo

Origami Kimono Quilt

Origami Kimono Quilt


kimono Well, as promised, I DID use most of the origami kimonos which were created during my “dreaded origami kimono addiction” period. Out of the shoe box and onto a quilt they went!  I even threw in a few pairs of pants to add to the silliness.

When middle daughter, complete with her art degree, told me she loved the newly created quilt, I was more than a little shocked.  This is one piece I certainly do not consider art. Long-suffering hubby’s comment “What in the heck are you going to do with that?” made a lot more sense to me.

As you can see from the photo, I entered  the piece in a quilt show and it did so much better than I ever thought it would.  Yes, there actually are 3 ribbons hanging on it, one of them blue!  It proved to be very popular with the viewers, especially those with children in tow. One Asian family took several photos of the quilt with each of their children standing in front of it, a very touching moment for me. The quilt did get a lot of quizzical looks from viewers, but once they read the title “Wash Day in Tokyo”, they seemed to get the joke.

Most asked question about the quilt….”Where did you get those tiny clothespins?”