Log Cabin Challenge

purse Harlequin Chic 003fascinator Harlequin chic 009As a person with a hyper-active imagination, I absolutely LOVE a challenge. Our local guild, as part of its bi-annual quilt show, has a log cabin challenge with 3 categories; bed quilt, wall quilt and clothing. All entries must be at least 75% log cabin. Bed quilts are not my thing, so I usually design entries for the other two categories. I lay awake nights dreaming up something that will WOW the judge. Since I like making evening purses,  that’s where I began creating my challenge entry, using diamond log cabin blocks in silk and satin. Once the purse was completed to my satisfaction, I felt  it needed an accessory to complete the look. That’s how the headpiece came about. Each of the petals is made of two diamond log cabin blocks, back to back. Except for the lining, the headband is also completely log cabin. I named the entry Harlequin Chic. Yes, it caught the judge’s eye and it was awarded 1st Place in the clothing division. My sleepless nights have begun anew as I dream up something for this year’s challenge.