Under Cover

My textile artists’ group, ARTAA, was asked to participate in a gallery exhibit entitled Under Cover. I believe the curator assumed a group of “quilters” would enter bed quilts in the show. Under Cover…blankets.  I find that art quilters  typically don’t think along the same lines as traditional quilters do.  My brain immediately thought “Under Cover…..umbrella.”  saratoga silksumbrella Saratoga Silks 008This was, without a doubt,  one of my most challenging pieces.  I deconstructed a large umbrella and reconstructed it in patchwork of my own design using silk in many vibrant colors.  As always, I never know if my ideas will work until the very end.  I was beyond pleased when, with the push of its button, I was able to POP the umbrella open.  There it was in all its glory!  WHEW! Because the gallery show was in Saratoga Springs, NY, home of the Horse Racing Hall of Fame, I named the piece Saratoga Silks, inspired by the brightly colored jockey silks at Saratoga raceway.  At a recent lecture of mine, I was asked if the umbrella is water-proof.  I must admit, I haven’t tested it yet.