Tie? Gee!

nonno cheech tie gee 023 nonno cheech tie gee 025Tie? Gee! Box. Box??? Box!!! That’s the way this brain works. Fellow ARTAA member, Joanna, suggested the word BOX as a challenge to those in our fiber artists’ group who chose to participate. Of course, loving a challenge as I do, count me in. Thumbing through a craft magazine to kill time on a plane, I came across directions to make a box. File that one until needed (then hope you can find it in the jumble you call a studio). O.K. Directions found. Black fabric boxes made, now, what to fill them with? Having collected men’s silk ties for some 50 years, I thought it might be the perfect time to actually USE some of them. The wide ones from the 80s worked best. Look for color and wild pattern. Done. Needs a little more pizzazz. Beads! Lots of beads. Let the tie tell you where to put them. Select and stitch, select and stitch til the cows come home. Looking good! Brainstorm…secure beaded silk pieces to styrofoam blocks and insert into boxes. Getting there. Boxes need to be placed on something. Glitz! Nothing like a little glitz! Circles are my thing. Circles will work, glitzy gold circles. YES! Header with sleeve, everything connected, brass buttons added. Voila! Tie? Gee!